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Nicole Bellmore

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Nicole Bellmore is a singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario who has been passionate about music her entire life. Nicole’s passion for music was instigated through her parent’s love of rock and as she grew older, she became entranced with r&b and pop music. She began playing the piano at the age of 8 and taking vocal lessons at 14. Nicole performed in theatre for 6 years and has spent the past 4 years writing music and developing her sound.

Nicole released her first single in 2020 and spent all of 2021 writing new music and collaborating with different producers. Her vision for new music is an invigorating and stimulating dreamy pop sound with prominent r&b beats and hints of retro influences. Her goal is to create a sound that is free-spirited and vulnerable whilst producing emotions in her melodies that transport you into a better headspace, invoke mindfulness and inspire you to embrace yourself. Nicole's latest single "New Me" was released in the October 2021. Along with the single, she also produced and directed her first music video for ‘New Me.' Nicole is planning on continuing to create and release music in 2022.

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